About Jeff

Jeff’s first CE job was as a commissioned salesperson at Best Buy in 1988. He moved to the corporate office in 1996 and worked in Training and Retail Operations departments. He was a subject-matter-expert for the team that wrote Best Buy’s first sales and merchandising Standard Operating Platform, much of which remains in use today.

Jeff was named Senior Buyer for Advanced Television Services in 2000 and achieved DIRECTV and TiVo’s #1 US retailer market share. Promoted to Senior Buyer of a multi-billion dollar TV category, he helped navigate the transition from analog to digital. Merchant Director roles in computing and home theater accessories, furniture and home automation followed. In 2008, Jeff was made Merchant Director for Secondary Markets and ran teams managing clearance and returned merchandise.

He left Best Buy in 2012 to accept a Vice President of Merchandising position at Coinstar/Redbox (now Outerwall), where he built the merchandising strategy for Orango an automated kiosk for sales of new and refurbished consumer electronics.