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Indian River Select, LLC was founded by two native Floridians from citrus growing families, Cliff Burg – 6th generation Floridian and Pat Schirard – 4th generation Floridian. Both keep Florida’s citrus industry close to their hearts. In a time when the giant national juice brands have turned to blending off-shore juices into their products, Indian River Select® Brand remains one of the few premium juice companies that can proudly say that it is still 100% FLORIDA juice: grown, picked and squeezed in Florida.

Indian River Select® Brand was founded in 1996. To produce a juice that was of a higher quality and better taste than brands available in the local grocery stores. A plant was built at the Ft. Pierce Farmer’s Market in the heart of the Indian River Citrus District. After many expansions and renovations, the plant and headquarters still reside at this location.

What makes the Indian River Select® Brand so special and why are our customers so loyal? We take the center cut of the entire Florida citrus harvest, using only mid to late season oranges and grapefruit, picked at their peak. This fruit is then gently squeezed and processed in small runs, to a higher standard (brix), thus giving our juice a richer, sweeter, fresher taste. Our loyal customers consider Indian River Select® Brand to be the best juice they have ever tasted.
Indian River Select® Brand began with small orders delivered to local grocery chains. Today our juice can be found in about 3,500 fine grocery stores throughout the United States, but still remains one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. Bigger isn’t always better, so we continue to process the juice in the same manner as when we started in 1996. This assures you, our loyal customer, the same high quality and wonderful taste that comes in every glass of our 100% Florida orange and grapefruit juice.

Known as a small regional boutique brand, Indian River Select® Brand has proven itself a leader in the premium citrus juice industry. Always proud of the vivid orange and lush ruby red of our juices, we have never had to hide our juice behind a waxed, gabled carton. We were the first brand to package in a clear, designer style PET container. Our easy pour handle was another industry first.

Indian River Select® Brand leads the way with proven unique items, like our Valencia Orange Juice and Ultra Slimming Grapefruit Juice and Honeybell Blend. These and all of our juices are certified kosher, Circle U.

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